A joint motion for a resolution entitled “European Parliament resolution on plans and actions to accelerate the transition to innovation without the use of animals in research, regulatory testing and education (2021/2784(RSP))” was submitted to European Parliament on September 13 by representatives of the PPE, S&D, Renew, Verts/ALE, ECR and The Left Groups and adopted on September 15. The motion calls on the Commission to establish a high-level inter-service taskforce to design an EU-wide action plan with a clear and ambitious timeline and a list of milestones to phase-out live animal use for scientific purposes as soon as this is scientifically possible and without lowering the level of protection for human health and the environment. The motion acknowledges the important contributions of animal-based research to date and states that alternative methods are not available to replace all animal testing yet, however experiments that are carried out on animals should take place in optimal conditions that minimize pain, distress, and suffering. To achieve the transformation, the motion highlights that the development of alternative animal-free methods, technologies, and instruments necessary for change must be accelerated by preferential funding of non-animal methods across all EU research and innovation initiatives. It further calls on the Commission to set reduction goals in consultation with ECHA, EFSA and other relevant agencies, and to support education and training in advanced non-animal models.