Abstracts are invited on the topic of new developments in MPS and applications of MPS. Describe your newest developments: break-throughs, advantages, challenges and the field of applications.

Top scored abstracts will be selected for an oral presentation at one of 14 scientific sessions of the first MPS World Summit to be held in New Orleans, LA, USA from May 30th to June 3rd, 2022.


New approaches in bioengineering of MPS devices
New cellular models (from bio-printing to organoids, etc.)
Individual organ MPS
Immune function and vascularization in MPS
Quality assurance of MPS
Reproducibility and Robustness
Standardization and harmonization, Validation
Road toward regulatory acceptance
MPS for disease modeling and drug efficacy testing
MPS for toxicity testing, predictive toxicology, MPS for AOP
Case studies using MPS
Pharmacokinetics and -dynamics in MPS
Computational modeling and A.I. in dialog with MPS
Precision medicine and clinical trials on chip planning
Ethical aspects of using MPS
Data collection, storage, management, dissemination

Abstract submission deadline: January 31st, 2022.

Abstract submission guidelines:

All abstracts will be evaluated and selected for oral or poster presentation by the MPS Scientific Advisory Committee
Abstracts must be in English and no more than 300 words (title, authors and references excluded)
Pictures, figures, attachments are not permitted
Include no more than three references
Please submit abstract following the link:
Make sure to select the top two sessions your abstract fits the best
Maximum two abstracts are allowed for one presenting author.
All presenters must be registered for the conference, if accepted

Register for the meeting here: https://mpsworldsummit.com

Address your questions to: cjanuar1@jhu.edu