Lush Prize 2024 is now open for nominations. £250,000 funding for campaigners and scientists working to end animal use in research and testing will again be available, in addition to several non-financial Recognition Awards.

Full details and nomination forms are available on the Lush Prize website.

Nominations will close on 1st December 2023.

Prize categories

Science: For projects most likely to lead to practical non-animal tests which could be accepted by regulators

Public Awareness:  Rewarding individuals or organisations raising public awareness of ongoing animal testing

Training: For individuals, teams or organisations involved in training others in non-animal methods

Young Researcher: Open to young scientists (up to 35 years at the time of application) with a desire to fund the next stage of a career focussed on an animal-test free future

Lobbying: Rewarding the work of individuals or organisations pushing for change, focusing on policy interventions promoting the use of alternatives

Recognition Awards:

Political Achievement: Open to elected political officials in any country and is in recognition of the essential work politicians do to create lasting legal change for animals and science

Major Science Collaboration: Celebrating international collaborations looking to develop non-animal techniques or approaches more widely

Health Charity Project: For animal-free work, or collaborations, from registered charities that have created important new insights or techniques in the last eighteen months