Use of animals in research: A science - society controversy? The American perspective: Animal welfare issues

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Alan M. Goldberg
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My paper will focus on those events happening within the United States during the last year.
The issue of including or excluding rats, birds and mice from inclusion under the Animal Welfare Act has been a difficult battle for both those that wish to exclude them and those that wish to include these animals under this legislation. As of the writing of this abstract, the Senate, which originally intended to include rats, birds and mice under the Animal Welfare Act, has passed an amendment which will permanently exclude their listing under this Act.
During the last several years it has become clear that refinement, as one of the 3Rs, has and will become the most important set of activities to add humanness to animal experimentation. It is clear that refinement approaches provide the opportunity to possibly eliminate or significantly minimize any pain or distress in animal protocol. My presentation will focus on CAAT's ( activities in this important area.
Understanding potential health hazards to environmental industrial chemicals has become a major focus of activity both in the US, Europe and Japan. These programs offer the first opportunity to provide information, in the public domain, on these chemicals. One of the consequences, however, is the potential requirement for large numbers of animals. In the presentation, I will focus on two approaches to significantly including the 3Rs in these important programs.
Although it is common practice in Japan to recognize contributions of laboratory animals through a day of memorialization, this has not been the case in the United States. During the last year, several activities have been initiated to begin to institutionalize memorial services for animals used in research.
As the host institution of Altweb (, the alternative web site internationally, current statistics and accomplishments will be provided on its worldwide utilization.

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