[Recent developments on the European ban on animal experiments for cosmetics] [Article in German] LINZ 2000

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Irmela W. Ruhdel


For the second time the European Commission has postponed the sales ban on cosmetic products that have been developed and tested in animal experiments now until 2002. In the meantime the Commission wants to adopt the Seventh Amendment of the EU Cosmetics Directive. In its draft the Commission proposes to scrap the sales ban and replace it with an animal testing ban. This change would avoid possible conflicts with the WTO, however, from the animal welfare point of view it would result in animal testing moving into third countries instead of avoiding them. This is because cosmetic products tested on animals outside the EU could be sold in the EU without any restrictions. As a consequence this measure would take the pressure from authorities and industry to further develop and adopt alternative methods. Other proposed measures are not acceptable from the animal welfare point of view, e.g. because they contradict Directive 86/609 and would result in a delay of the application of validated alternative methods. The "Deutscher Tierschutzbund" therefore still demands an immediate and complete sales ban in connection with an animal testing ban within the EU.

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