ZEBET's 10 year anniversary

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Franz P. Gruber
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Andrea Fischer, German Minister for Health
National Co-operation
Brigitte Rusche: ZEBET: Institutionalised co-operation between animal welfare, industry and the government
Wolfgang Pape: ZEBET and the cosmetic industry: a decade of national and international co-operations
International Co-operation
Wolf Frühauf: Symposium "Implementation of the 3R targets in the EU, in science and industry"
Michael Balls: ECVAM and the promotion of international co-operation in the development, validation and acceptance of replacement alternative testmethods
Neil L. Wilcox: Validation and regulatory acceptance of alternative test methods and international co-operation
Jan van der Valk and Arthur van Iersel: Improving international co-operation between national organisations promoting the 3Rs
Robert D. Combes: Improving international co-operation between organisations promoting the 3Rs
Miroslav Cervinka and Zuzana Cervinková:Co-operation between ZEBET and Charles University Faculty of Medicine
Regulatory Toxicology: Validation of in vitro Tests and Test Strategies at the BgVV
Horst Spielmann: Alternatives to the Draize eye test: Current status of validation and acceptance in Europe
Manfred Liebsch: Validation ofin vitro phototoxicity tests: Current status and future perspectives
Gabriele Scholz, Ingeborg Pohl, Elke Genschow, Martina Klemm and Horst Spielmann:.Embryotoxicity screening using ES cells in vitro: Correlation to in vivo teratogenicity
Ingrid Gerner and Stephan Zinke: Introduction of SAR considerations and specific in vitro tests into skin and eye irritation/corrosion testing strategies
Institutions Funding Research according to the 3Rs
Michael Balls: The funding of research on the 3Rs in the EU
Rodger D. Curren: Funding for activities involving the 3Rs in the United States
Paul-F. Langenbruch: Institutions funding research according to the 3Rs in Germany
Research funded by ZEBET in the past 10 years
Johannes Doehmer, N. Krebsfänger, W. Schober, A. Luch and J. T. M. Buters: The establishment of the V79 cell battery and its application in toxicology and pharmacology
Rüdiger Schade: Egg-yolk antibodies (IgY) as an alternative to polyclonal mammalian antibodies. The history of the achievements of a joint project on IgY technology in Germany
Augustinus Bader, Angelika Langsch, Ute Weingartz, Karin Burgwitz, Axel Haverich: Bioartificial thin section liver analogues maintain cytochrome P450 induction properties and can be cryopreserved
Manfred Kietzmann: The isolated perfused bovine udder as a model of transdermal penetration and absorption of drugs
Support provided by Information Services
Barbara Grune, Antje Dörendahl, Susanne Skolik and Horst Spielmann: The ZEBET database and information service
Annett Janusch-Roi and Michael Balls: The ECVAM scientific information service (SIS)
Jean Larson: The Animal Welfare Information center - a brief overview
Ulrika Hansson: Experience in Sweden
Krys Bottrill: Empowering the end user - the UK perspective Selected Posters

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