[Prediction of acute toxicity (LD50) from cytotoxicity data (IC50x) for a group on the updated "register of cytotoxicity data" (RCD)] [Article in German]

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Willi Halle, Horst Spielmann
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The updated register of cytotoxicity data (RCD) is containing 361 chemicals with a total of 1912 IC50 values, for each of which a mean IC50 (IC50x) has been calculated. In addition, the RCD is containing oral and i.v. LD50 values for rats and mice from the NIOSH register RTECS. For 347 of the data pairs IC50x/LD50 p.o. and for 148 of the data pairs IC50x/LD50 i.v. linear standard regression lines have been calculated, which allow to predict an approximative LD50 value from a given IC50x value. For a group of 26 neurotropic agents documented in the RCD the prediction of LD50 values from IC50x data was surprisingly good. This suggests that even for neurotropic agents there is a sufficient positive correlation between in vitro and in vivo toxicity. The unexpected result is discussed with respect to basal cytotoxicity which seems to be reflected by IC50x and which is related to basic functions of the cells, as e.g. proliferation, DNA- and protein synthesis, rather than to specific endpoints of neurotoxicity. The results obtained with 26 neurotropic agents support the concept that acute toxicity in vivo can sufficiently be predicted from the data of the updated RDC. An attempt is made to predict the approximate LD50 values, both p.o. and i.v., data from IC50x values of the RDC for an established neurotropic agent with insufficient acute in vivo toxicity data.

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Halle, W. and Spielmann, H. (1994) “[Prediction of acute toxicity (LD50) from cytotoxicity data (IC50x) for a group on the updated ‘register of cytotoxicity data’ (RCD)] [Article in German]”, ALTEX - Alternatives to animal experimentation, 11(3), pp. 148–153. Available at: https://altex.org/index.php/altex/article/view/1700 (Accessed: 13 April 2024).

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