[Applied ethology of laboratory animals and welfare - a concept] [Article in German]

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Markus Stauffacher
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The applied ethology of laboratory animals is a new section of zoology. The topics are related to animal protection that is to say to raising and keeping of laboratory animals as well as to handling during the experiments. This concept of applied ethology of laboratory animals and welfare involves research, teaching and training. It should provide a basis for discussion to coordinate and improve laboratory animal welfare research and education on national and international levels.
Research topics are the relationships between state of health, behaviour and environment with the aim to develop new housing and breeding systems which are in accordance with the animals needs as well as to reduce stress during experiments. Increased and coordinated research and education in applied laboratory animal ethology may lead to a better understanding of the animals capacities and needs and may bring the welfare debate on animal experimentation from a mainly subjective and emotional to a more scientific level. As a result of this disussion improved standards and guidelines can be elaborated.

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