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Friedrich Harrer
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In current ethics debates, the protection of animals and the environment are central themes. In this context, reference is made to "ethics of responsibility". In the reality of scientific life and the conduct of science, "ethics of responsibility" have only had a modest impact.
Reflection based on the history of thought may explain this finding. Upon abolishing God, man has redirected an initially religious love and devotion toward himself. The postulate of unfettered dominion over the Earth has become the supreme principle. "Theoria" in the sense of its original meaning, that is a celebratory admiration for sacred Nature, is incomprehensible to modern man. Nature has been stripped of its sanctity and transformed into something to be exploited for its human utility. Consequently, today the credo applies that to interpret the freedom of science according to ethical principles is utterly untenable. The author pleads for reconsideration.

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