Alternatives to animal experimentation in biomedical education

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Franz P. Gruber, David G. Dewhurst
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In education, it is important that students are not put in a position in which they are forced to participate in animal experiments or to use dead animals, killed especially for such purposes. Continued use of animal experiments to demonstrate known facts or teach skills which can be taught using non-animal methods evidences only a lack of sensitivity towards students who still maintain respect for life. In countries where animal testing in education is reduced to close to zero, there is no evidence that the students who are being trained are less capable or qualified. There are sufficient alternatives available at relatively low-cost and with proven educational efficacy to allow the vast majority of students who study biomedical science courses to qualify without using animal experiments. However, in many universities across Europe, there is still a resistance to adoption of such methods amongst faculty. The global situation is probably worse with animals still being used in high school teaching in some countries such as the USA.

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