A model of isolated autologously hemoperfused porcine slaughterhouse lungs

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Peter C. Kamusella , Christian Wissgott, Christian Grosse-Siestrup, Sven Dittrich, Olaf Hegemann, Dimitri Koios, Juliane von Massenbach, Michael Meissler, Volker Unger, David Quarcoo, David A. Groneberg
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Introduction: Models of isolated and perfused lungs study pathophysiological phenomena of the airways, but are limited by restricted resemblance to the human situation, non-physiological perfusates or the need for the use of high numbers of laboratory animals. The present model was established to address these difficulties.
Objectives: Aim of the current study was the establishment of an animal model that uses slaughterhouse animals and closely resembles physiological conditions found in humans.
Methods: We used a model of hemoperfused isolated porcine slaughterhouse lungs using autologous blood, metabolically controlled via a dialysis system. Over a period of 135 minutes positive inspiratory pressure, pulmonary arterial pressure, pulmonary vein oxygen partial pressure and lung weight were assessed.
Results: Stable organ function was maintained over 135 minutes with an amount of 2,500-3,000 ml perfusate without fall in pulmonary arterial pressure. During the time the positive inspiratory pressure and lung weight increased, while pulmonary vein oxygen partial pressure decreased.
Conclusions: The present model of isolated hemoperfused slaughterhouse lungs displays a useful new and economic approach to evaluate pulmonary function and toxicity of different substances on an organ level. As a major economic advantage in comparison to models using laboratory animals, the current model might be run using blood and organs obtained from slaughterhouse animals.

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Kamusella, P. C. (2009) “A model of isolated autologously hemoperfused porcine slaughterhouse lungs”, ALTEX - Alternatives to animal experimentation, 26(4), pp. 279–284. doi: 10.14573/altex.2009.4.279.

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