[Remain of laboratory animals and re-homing to private] [Article in German]

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Dorothea Döring , Michael H. Erhard
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Most research and breeding institutions have to deal with the problem of post-experimental or surplus laboratory animals. The German law on Animal Welfare (Tierschutzgesetz) forbids to kill animals without proper reason. This prohibition is valid for laboratory animals, too. If an animal survives an experiment without permanent pain or harm, the further remain must be organised. Re-homing of these animals to private people is one solution for this problem. The animals can be passed on to a family as a pet. Another possibility is to re-home the animal with the help of a welfare organisation. This way offers some advantages. The organisation seeks the new owners, gives them all necessary information and remain available for them. Using such an organisation; the re-homing process is to a great extend safe and anonymous for the research institution. Many institutions already made very good experiences in the cooperation with welfare organisations.

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